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Welcome to my website, Shen Tan Photography. We specialise in multiple genres of photography, predominantly in e-commerce and product photos for your online business, but also within property / real estate photography along with fashion and portraits.

We work with our clients, existing and new, to create imagery that represents their requirements in the best way. Based in North West London, we've worked with a number of clients who have seen increases in sales having only changed their product photography. We hope to hear from you to discuss your next project!

We'd love to add you to our list of clients!

After my initial meeting I was very impressed with Shen, he listened to the project specifications and delivered results well within time frame given. Shen continues to produce great photos for my business. He has also done retouching work for me, no job is too small. Always happy to make minor changes even after approval. A pleasure to work with.

Shen is an excellent and very creative product photographer. He has an eye for detail and employs a very technical approach to his work. I was very impressed with the Amazon product pictures he took for me. His ideas for presentation was also very helpful as it demonstrated that he was experienced and knowledgeable in the field of product photography especially on the Amazon platform. Highly recommended for those looking for creative product photographs.

I recently worked with Shen to do product photos and Shen did an amazing job to my expectations. The images were highly impactful. He was quick to respond, very creative and priced reasonably as well. I will definitely work with him again.

– The Bed Slats Company

– M.D, Amazon UK Store

– Terra Verde

Contact Us

If you're looking to get some photography for your new or existing products, then please send us a message with your requirements. This could be product photography on a white background for your Amazon/Ebay store or have your product within a setting for a more creative element.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Shen Tan Photography

Harrow, London 

England, UK

Shen Tan Photography


England, UK

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